Honest to Goodness

Honest to Goodness ORGANIC POLENTA 5KG

New product

Organic polenta made by coarsely stone-milling the yellow corn (maize) kernel into a gritty-textured meal, then sifting out the bran and flour. Polenta cooks quickly and is naturally gluten free.

Polenta is a dish made from boiled cornmeal which is produced from ground maize. It is very quick to cook and is naturally gluten free. It was originally a peasant food, valued because of its nourishing content. Now it has been given new life with rich toppings such as meat and mushroom sauces as well as the addition of vegetables, beans and cheeses into the mixture.
Country of Origin
Allergen Advice
We pack a wide range of products on shared equipment that includes grains, cereals, seeds, nuts, dried fruits and powders. Traces of gluten, tree nuts, sesame seeds may be present in this product.

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