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Organic purified - deodorised coconut oil is a high smoke point cooking oil, with very little of the coconut flavour or aroma, making it a versatile oil for all cooking purposes!

This organic purified and deodorised coconut oil is made using a new process technology and is unlike many other refined bleached and deodorised (RBT) coconut oils on the market in Australia. This unique process does NOT use excessive heat or chemical solvents and creates a much better quality oil that is smooth and healthy. Whilst the coconut flavour and aroma is much less than Organic Virgin Raw Coconut Oil, it still may impart some coconut flavour and aroma as the refinement is kept to a minimum to keep the goodness intact! It is in a BPA free container. 

RBD vs Purified Deodorised Coconut Oil
So… how do we produce an almost flavourless and odourless coconut oil without any of those added nasties? The difference is in the techniques and ingredients used. See the “growing and processing” tab below for more information about this. 

This coconut oil is very heat stable so it makes an excellent cooking and frying oil.
Country of Origin
Sri Lanka
Allergen Advice
No allergen advice is available for this product online. Please contact us if you have any allergen concerns.

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